Current Workshops on the Community Maker Bus

The bus provides a fun, interactive environment for exploring through art, science and technology. We currently offer the following workshops, which are also featured as initiatives on the Wonderment platform, and supported by our wonderful community partners:


A Trillion Trees

Our world is starting to look dramatically different due to pollution, deforestation and habitat loss. But did you know the most efficient solution could be right in your backyard? Scientists have determined that there’s room for one trillion more trees in the world. That’s 130 trees for every person on earth! In this workshop, kids go on a journey of discovery in their own backyards to identify places that need a new tree, and then get to know a tree up close and personal, learning all about these incredible organisms as we actually put one in the ground. A new tree will make our communities healthier and more beautiful for years to come.

Air Pollution Solutions

As winter sets in, the smog settles into the valley. We know we all need clean air to breathe, so how did we get into this mess? Students will learn about the causes of air pollution, the effects on human health, and the barriers to keeping our air clean.  As the particles accumulate, we need solutions, now!  Students will be inspired to stand up for their health and learn how to take constructive steps in their communities to fight for clean air.


My Frenemy, the Microbe

Zoom in on the tiniest of all creatures and discover the amazing things microbes do for us, and what happens sometimes when it all goes wrong. Explore the ubiquitous nature of microbes all around us, from their helpful role in bread-making and kombucha, to the nasties on the toilet handle.  Focusing at the line of battle between us and invaders, students will understand how we can defend ourselves against disease. We will also investigate cutting-edge research on the microbiome--the complex ecosystem that exists in our guts-- giving a whole new meaning to "gut-feelings"! 

Building Body, Mind, and Heart

Explore the inner workings of the whole person, starting with an interactive lesson on the skeletal, nervous, and muscular system. Learn about careers in the field of prosthetics and engineering design connections to mechanized movement. Look at the brain and how it controls the body, then contemplate the self--who's really speaking up there, anyway? What motivates us to act, and can we really change, grow, and learn throughout our whole lives? We'll analyze personality and psychology as we develop mindfulness through yoga and meditation in this active, contemplative workshop.